An Auto Shop Story for the AgesOnce Upon a Time in Santa Barbara County…

The story of Top Shop Automotive Inc. is one of three friends and their shared love of working on cars. Co-owners Willie Contreras, Pat Roell, and Mark Zaunius met and became buds while working as mechanics in different auto repair shops. With Willie and Mark’s encouragement, Pat decided to open his own auto shop (Strictly Foreign), and eventually Willie went out on his own as well, opening Top Shop Automotive Inc. in Isla Vista in 1986.

Years later in 2004, Willie discovered his old boss Hans Loesch (of Loesch’s VW) was retiring. In an effort to preserve the shop where he first learned to turn a wrench, Willie purchased the facility and merged Top Shop Automotive Inc. and Loesch’s VW, moving his shop location from Isla Vista to Goleta in Santa Barbara. At the same time, Pat and Mark joined the business as co-owners of the new and improved Top Shop Automotive Inc. 2.0.

Top Shop Automotive Inc. Auto Repair Shop

Bringing It All Together & Rising to the Top!

In joining Willie, Pat and Mark each brought valuable experience to Top Shop, with Pat contributing his German car expertise and Mark providing his ASE Master Technician certification as well as specific European and Asian repair knowledge. Together, the three men worked hard to create what Top Shop Automotive Inc. is today—an honest and dependable auto repair shop—and combined, they now have over 125 years of automotive experience.

Now as much as then, we at Top Shop Automotive Inc. are committed to providing reliable automotive services in a friendly atmosphere. All of our technicians and service writers are ASE certified, and we send our mechanics out for training every four months to keep them apprised of the newest vehicles, car equipment, and diagnostic technology.

Further, because the Santa Barbara community is the lifeblood of our shop, we make sure to give back as much and as often as we can. We currently sponsor the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, FNL, IAPA, Santa Barbara County Girl Scouts, Santa Barbara City College Automotive Program, and Partners in Education.

Meet Our Rockin’ Team at Top Shop Automotive Inc.

As individuals, everyone at Top Shop Automotive Inc. is highly skilled and committed to his or her own area of expertise. Together, we are Team Top Shop, contributing our unique abilities to the benefit of the whole. We are all solution-driven, and here to assist you with your auto repair needs from start to finish.

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